The micro-clinic project is aimed at improving access to basic health care in under-served communities through the provision of an integrated health services to  the population in a unique set up known as micro-clinic. Our micro-clinics offer unique services in all its branches with a special  focus on reducing maternal and child mortality through a comprehensive  maternal  and child health services. Our services range from general consultations, laboratory screening, pro-pharmacy services with essential drugs, hospitalization, maternal and child health (ANC programs, Infant welfare clinics, pregnancy school, immunization campaigns). We also run a minor surgical unit where basic surgical interventions such as herniorrhaphy, cesarian sections, appendisectomies, wound dressing and other surgical procedures are being performed. The counseling unit provides a wide range of health education and counseling to patients especially for HIV/AIDS patients. Our micro-clinics are youth friendly and offer affordable reproductive health services including family planing and sex education to the youths and adolescents.

Our architects have developed a unique design for  our micro-clinics which will be used in the construction of each micro-clinics in different communities in Cameroon using local raw materials as seen on the picture on this page